Speech by Pars Gearbox CEO

Pars gearbox factory

Due to advances in industry and technology, mechanical movement control needs will meet the needs of business owners with a wide variety of standards and products, and will be ready to provide new solutions in mechanical motion control and transmission to the following industries. .

Sand & Asphalt Industries, Cement & Concrete, Ceramic Tiles, Steel & Rolling, Roofing Cranes, Automotive Plants, Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants, Dyeing, Printing & Packaging Machinery, Food Industry, Conveyor Manufacturers & Power transmission lines, mixers and chemical tanks, industrial lifts, barrier industries and various industrial machinery manufacturers and …

The products of this factory are guaranteed for a year with the use of high quality steels and suitable raw materials, and we hope your esteemed experts and craftsmen will assist us in providing better products and services with your valuable guidance.

Products of this factory include:

۱٫ Production of industrial electro gearboxes from 0.12 to 45 kW with different speeds of 1 to 450 rpm.

۲- Production of industrial gearbox of Russian design (book) in weights of 170 and 320 kg

۳٫ Design and production of industrial gear up to one meter in diameter

۴- Repair of light and heavy industrial gearboxes

۵٫ Heat treatment of all kinds of steel and cast iron, tension, annealing of industrial parts

گیربکس روسی والمانی

Russian and German gearbox

Russian and German gearboxes are available in zero weight at different prices and at reasonable prices.

  • Cellphone: 0912- 215 08 86
  • Cellphone: 0937- 750 51 37
  • Phone: 021- 468 666 45


گیربکس های روغن گیری


Lubrication gearbox with all accessories available


  • Cellphone: 0912- 215 08 86
  • Cellphone: 0937- 750 51 37
  • Phone: 021- 468 666 45

گیربکس های روغن گیری

Side slit between the gears

Reasons for Side Locking between Gearboxes:
٫ گیری Avoiding gears
٫ Creating lubrication space between the gears
الی Possible expansion of the gear due to the working pressure and warming of the gear

Extruder gearboxes

Coal gearbox types are available in two weights ranging from one to eight
۱۰۰kg gearbox with 15hp electric motor
The 185kg gearbox uses a 20-horsepower electric motor