• Essential points to consider when choosing a gearbox:
Input power KW1 – HP1
Output power
KW2 – HP2
Output torque
Entrance round n1
Output Round n2
Conversion ratio i
The gearbox loser ƞd
Work Factor s.f
  • HP1-KW1 input power
    The capabilities listed in the catalog. The input power is the gearbox and the output power is calculated as follows
KW2(HP2)=KW1(HP1) x ƞd
  • M2 output torque
  • The values ​​of M2 specified in the catalog are true because we consider the gearbox’s efficiency to be calculated, these values ​​being equal to or greater than the torque required for the machine to operate.
  •  s.f Work Factor
    Because gearboxes are often operating under variable loads, it is best to select a gearbox that has a good coefficient of operation (s.f).
    This coefficient allows us to select the gearbox with the proper specifications for the work required.

    The following table shows the coefficients of work to consider when selecting gearboxes.

The following values ​​should be multiplied by 1/2
Ignition engine actuator Working with gearbox return Added load momentarily
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