In the name of God

Pars Gearbox Company is proud of its 15 years of experience in producing industrial gearboxes and having complete facilities:

  1. Production of industrial electro gearboxes
  2. Types of Russian gearboxes with complete parts
  3. SN gearbox (book)
  4. Design and manufacture of gear (simple and spiral) and design of gearbox


  1. Base gearbox
  2. Flanged gearbox
  3. Double gearbox (ultra-low speed and super power)
  4. Two-shaft gearbox
  5. Halo shaft gearbox
  6. Gearbox SN
  7. Russian design gearbox
  8. Repair of industrial gearboxes
Phone Call: 021-46866645
Phone Number : 0912- 2150886
Fax : 021- 46072964
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