Pars gearbox company

Manufacturer of industrial gearboxes used in iron ore mines and …

Direct Cable Electro Gearboxes Used in Conveyors

  • SN gearboxes
  • Holloshaft gearboxes
  • Book, Frog Gearboxes (Russian & Iranian, Salt Sand Gearboxes, Mixer Gearboxes, Drive Gearboxes)
  • Manufacture of used gearboxes in the concrete screw industry, transport of materials and …
  • Production of gears used in mines
  • Repair of industrial gearboxes

گیربکس صنعتیگیربکس صنعتی
گیربکس صنعتیگیربکس صنعتی
گیربکس صنعتیگیربکس صنعتی

شرکت پارس گیربکس(گیربکس پایه دار)

Tehran: Karaj Old Road- Ghods City- End of Imamzadeh Street- Motahhari Alley, First left of No. 3 Road

Phone call :021-46866645

Phone number :0912-2150886

Fax :021-46890372