Flanged gearbox

The gearbox is designed with an input power of 1.2hp to 50hp and has an output shaft of 28mm to 100mm. Features:

  1. Extensive power and power
  2. Mounting flange as per existing standard Horizontal, vertical slope surface for restricted spaces
  3. Used in these gearboxes: mixers, scrapers, dairy food industry, etc.
  4. Easy to operate and install on a variety of devices
  5. Installation of all kinds of external and Iranian electric motors on it
  6. Different speeds from 31 to 450 rpm
  7. Availability of all relevant parts and services

Power transmission methods

  1. Rubber straight couplings
  2. Double Chain Gear
  3. Cobalt Straight
پارس گیربکس(گیربکس فلنجی)

پارس گیربکس(گیربکس فلنجی)

شرکت پارس گیربکس

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کاتالوگ گیربکس روسی