Direct shaft gearbox

These electro gearboxes are designed with an input power of 1 / 2hp to 4hp and have an output shaft of 1 to 2mm.

Russian gearbox

Supply and sale of all kinds of Russian gearboxes with parts and gears

Gearbox SN

Manufacture of SN parallel gearboxes with cast iron gear and steel gear shaft used in conveyors and various industries…

about us

Pars Gearbox Company is proud of its 5 years of experience in producing industrial gearboxes and having complete facilities:

  1. Production of industrial electro gearboxes
  2. Types of Russian gearboxes with complete parts
  3. SN gearbox (book)
  4. Design and manufacture of gear (simple and spiral)
  5. and design of gearbox

Russian gearbox

All parts of Russian gearboxes are available including gears, shells, bearings and more.